Community Council view

Callander Community Council are delighted to participate in developing Callander’s Local Place Plan. The Community Council want to ensure that the plan allows Callander to develop as a healthy, sustainable place to live and for the visitors who come here. This should include:

  • meeting and ideally beating the ‘Net Zero’ goal in a creative and innovative way;

  • encouraging new and existing businesses to choose Callander and ensure that it is a vibrant town into the future;

  • promoting the sustainable use of Callander’s landscape to improve the health of both local and visitor populations;

  • ensuring that the expanding population is well connected in a physical and social sense. This should include the provision of a new pedestrian bridge to allow safer and shorter walking and cycling travel between the two sides of the river;

Callander Community Council is committed to ensuring that views of the entire community are considered, with any conflicting priorities dealt with in a fair and considered manner.