Our methodology

How did we Calculate Callander’s population?

Any population figures for Callander include people and properties in areas out with the Community Council boundaries – Brig O’Turk, for example. To get the most reliable estimate we consulted the most recent (2019) estimates from the Government for each of the 5 data zones that cover our area. We then found the most recent estinates for Brig O’Turk and subtracted that from the total. We then added in the number of known newly occupied properties, and estimated the number of people who will be living in the RSH houses.

How did you calculate the number of residential properties?

We went through Scottish Assessors Association database and recorded every entry for Callander in the register of properties liable for council tax.

How did you audit the town?

We went through the Scottish Assessors Association database and plotted every business in Callander paying business rates. We then plotted this data using the Understanding Scottish Places toolkit and assigning each business one of 7 categories and 117 subcategories.

How did you calculate the number of accommodation providers?

Serviced accommodation was the easy bit! We are familiar with hotels, B&Bs and guest houses in the Main Street area and searched online booking sites for those we did not know about. Self-catering was more problematic. We knew how many properties are registered for Business Rates but then we had to search all the self-catering online booking sites to find those who are not registered for Business Rates. This had to be updated regularly because many new properties were being used for self-catering between June – August. We will continue to monitor this and will update quarterly.

How did you calculate house prices and sales?

Using the registers of Scotland database, we logged all house sales in Callander from 2017 onwards. Importantly, we did not include properties classified as commercial or properties that changed hands without payment. We also excluded insurance settlements for Victoria Court as these did not represent sales.

How did you calculate the number of affordable homes?

We asked RSH and Stirling Council for their latest occupancy figure and projected estate sizes. We then calculated the percentage of affordable homes against occupied residential property.