Place Standard Survey

The Scottish Government and Our Partners at the National Park recommend that the Place Standard survey is integrated into any Local Place Plan consultation process.

The survey has been developed by NHS Scotland and is designed to maximise the potential of the physical and social environment to support health, wellbeing and a high quality of life.

It is not a quick box ticking exercise. It asks you to think carefully about what we have in Callander, what could be improved and what we all love about the town.

We thought that it might help to download a PDF copy of the survey before you fill it in. This will give you a chance to think through your answers, and the score you award for each question. Please do not try to fill the PDF in – we have blocked out the scoring and comments sections.

Please feel free to criticize, or praise. We value your honest opinions because they will help to build the case for change in the town – in areas where there is clear support for a different way of doing things.

The survey is now live and will be open until February 28th 2022. It will probably take between 15-30 minutes to complete.

Please feel free to pass the details on to anyone living in Callander, but be reassured we will be delivering a leaflet through the post to every household before the end of the year

The survey is available in two formats:

  • On paper. You can request a copy by ringing 07926 426672. Leave a message and we will put a copy through your letterbox. Or, pick up a copy from the library in South Church Street.
  • Online. Go to